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Why bankruptcy law

By utahbklawyer | Oct 18, 2017

You may ask yourself about the purpose of bankruptcy law and why there is such thing as a bankruptcy process. Could it give people an incentive to not pay their debts back or to accumulate large amounts of debt only to have it discharged by a bankruptcy?  I guess some people think this way but…

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Why bankruptcy happens

By utahbklawyer | Oct 17, 2017

Bankruptcy happens as a result of being insolvent, or unable to pay back your debts. Bankruptcy is a legal status that lasts for a few month to several years depending on the kind of bankruptcy you pursue.  It is an alternative to get rid of debts that you are unable to pay by yourself. It…

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Bankruptcy with divorce

By utahbklawyer | Oct 12, 2017

Whether you should file a bankruptcy before or after your divorce depends upon your debts, properties, where you are living and a web of other issues. You’ll want to consider all options to know if you should get divorced first or file for file a bankruptcy first, that way you don’t waste money and after…

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Bankruptcy without affecting spouse

By utahbklawyer | Oct 11, 2017

Sometimes only one of the parties in a marital relationship has debt and needs to file for bankruptcy.  Sometimes some or all of the debt is held in both parties names.  If one spouse files for bankruptcy individually, only the person who filed for bankruptcy will be able to get a discharge or relief from…

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Bankruptcy to avoid lawsuit

By utahbklawyer | Oct 9, 2017

Bankruptcy can be a valuable tool to stop a lawsuit.  It depends, of course, on what kind of bankruptcy you file and if your debts are dischargeable or nondischargeable.   Many people file what is called a preemptive bankruptcy where they file after being sued by a creditor but before a judgment is actually entered…

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Bankruptcy without losing house and car

By utahbklawyer | Oct 6, 2017

Many people wonder if they can file for bankruptcy without losing their house and car.  This can be a loaded question since there are so many different kinds of bankruptcy with a number of different options.  The simple answer is YES but with all things in the law its qualified.  Typically cars with little or…

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Why bankruptcy is the best option

By utahbklawyer | Oct 5, 2017

Bankruptcy helps people who can no longer pay their debts on their own get a fresh start by liquidating their assets to be able to pay their debts or by creating a repayment plan.  These are called Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy respectively. Filing for bankruptcy will in most cases prevent your creditors…

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Bankruptcy when married filing individually

By utahbklawyer | Oct 2, 2017

If you are married you can file bankruptcy with or without your spouse.  Filing bankruptcy without your spouse depends on your assets and your income if it is better for you to file with your spouse or individually. If you are married filing individually, your spouse does not have to attend the 341 creditors meeting…

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Bankruptcy to clear all debt

By utahbklawyer | Sep 29, 2017

Had someone send me a question about a bankruptcy to clear all debt.  What they were talking about was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to wipe out most if not all of your unsecured debts (debts that are not somehow tied to property).  Where a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can…

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