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Bankruptcy when you own a home

By utahbklawyer | Aug 31, 2017

Most of the time when you are thinking about bankruptcy it comes at a stressful point in your life.  One of the principal worries is probably if you’ll be able to keep your home or not. This will depend on several factors including the type of bankruptcy you file. The good news is that with…

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Which bankruptcy is the worst

By utahbklawyer | Aug 28, 2017

This is an interesting question.  Worst in what way? This is my first come back to such a question since if your are a creditor you probably think all bankruptcy is bad (if you are a creditor read about Chapter 13 – it is actually good for creditors).  If you are a debtor, I take…

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Where to get bankruptcy discharge papers

By utahbklawyer | Aug 25, 2017

Once your bankruptcy case concludes, you will receive what is known as a bankruptcy discharge which states that all dischargeable debts are no longer enforceable. Creditors whose debts are discharged in the petition can no longer contact you about your debt or file any legal proceedings against you. It is very important to keep this…

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Bankruptcy when you own a house

By utahbklawyer | Aug 22, 2017

Many people want to know if they file bankruptcy what will happen to their house.  The treatment of your house in bankruptcy will be different depending  on which type of bankruptcy you end up filing. There are a number of types of bankruptcy.  The type of bankruptcy you file can be tricky decision and any…

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Bankruptcy versus credit consolidation

By utahbklawyer | Aug 14, 2017

Credit consolidation can be one way to work out your existing debts and possible save you some money on the repayments of those debts. Consolidating debts mean you take multiple payments that are due and combine them into one monthly or weekly payment. There are different pros and cons to credit consolidation. You may be…

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Bankruptcy when unemployed

By utahbklawyer | Aug 10, 2017

For some reason that I have not been able to determine there is a rumor floating around that you need to employed to file for bankruptcy protection.  There is no requirement under the Bankruptcy Code to be employed to get protection of the bankruptcy court.  So rest assured that you can still file for bankruptcy…

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How bankruptcy affects a cosigner

By utahbklawyer | Aug 7, 2017

Ever wondered how you filing for bankruptcy might affect someone who has cosigned a debt with you?  Many people use a co-signer to purchase all types of things.  for the most part this is done because they have little or nor credit history or the credit history that they have is in very bad shape. …

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Who pays the bankruptcy trustee

By utahbklawyer | Aug 3, 2017

The answer to this common bankruptcy question is that it depends on what kind of bankruptcy you are filing.  In bankruptcy there are a number of different trustees – and it can sometimes get confusing if you don’t deal with them everyday.  There are Chapter 7 Trustees, Chapter 11 Trustees, Chapter 12 Trustees, and Chapter…

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Which bankruptcy is better to file?

By utahbklawyer | Aug 1, 2017

A common question that I am asked is which bankruptcy is better to file?  As I am sure you understand this is loaded question.  Each type of bankruptcy addresses a different type of financial need. The first step in filing bankruptcy with our office is a consultation with the attorney. During this consultation the attorney…

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